Sustainability Projects

We support sustainability projects across the globe. By supporting us, you are buying prints that help us make a difference. So now you can feel good about the art on your wall, and its impact on the planet. Read more about our projects below.

A TREE A DAY PROJECT | Planting trees around the globe

Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor - Western Australia.

We are proud to support Carbon Neutral on this large scale reforestation project, the first project in Australia to achieve premium Gold Standard certification. From the early 1900s europeans cleared more than 97% of vegetation for farming. This program is part of a plan to eventually link small patches of remaining vegetation and 12 nature reserves to create a green corridor. Revegetation work supports local businesses and employs local people, including workers from Aboriginal communities. 

The goal is to create a 200km green corridor from inland to the coast, reconnecting vegetation with 12 nature reserves across a 10,000km2 area. The project began in 2008, and since then more than 30 million mixed native species of trees and shrubs have been planted across almost 14,000 hectares. In 2022, the project has expanded to nearly 18,000 hectares. The significance of welcoming back threatened species (such as Malleefowl, Bush Stone-curlew, Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo, Western Spiny Tailed Skink and the Woylie (Brush-tailed Bettong), as well as over 30 species of native plants, is immeasurable. Learn more about this great project here.


Madre de Dios region - Amazon Basin, Peru.

Due to the fire devastation in the Amazon, we have chosen to support the One Tree Planted project in the Madre de Dios region, home to over 10% of the world's bird species. More than 60% of Peru is covered by the Amazon rainforest. If current rates of deforestation continue, this could decline.

To combat this, the project – with the support of Print and Proper as well as others like us – One Tree Planted are working with local communities to help prevent deforestation and restore and protect the "buffer zone" between Tambopata National Reserve, Bahuaja-Sonene National Park, and the city of Puerto Maldonado. Its overarching objective is to plant trees, help develop alternative models of economic development while preventing deforestation and conserving a habitat for the Jaguar and hundreds of other species living in the protected areas. Learn more about this great project here.



The Forest Stewardship Council are an independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation that works to promote the environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests. FSC certified forests have to meet our rigorous standards. This means certified forests are healthy, and benefit local communities, as well as providing jobs for workers. FSC certification tracks the wood from the forest to the shelf. So when you see the FSC label on a product, you can be sure that the paper or timber came from responsible sources.


We offset more carbon than we create during transit, with the help of our partners below. Working simultaneously, all these projects banded has enabled us to offset approximately 3x more carbon per order. Discover more about each project below.

We are proud to support the Planet project by Shopify in their partnership with 20+ innovative companies who are working to help reverse climate change. Via the Planet project, all our shipments are carbon-neutral by funding these innovative companies that pull carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere.

There’s no easy fix for climate change, and no solution that will singlehandedly solve the problem. We have to try every possible option, from those that leverage natural processes to new technologies that lock carbon away forever. We need existing solutions that can make a difference now, and emerging technologies that could have a huge impact in the future. Shopify funds early-adopter pilot projects. Learn more here